Ελκύει τα κουνούπια χρησιμοποιώντας ultra-violet φωτισμό. Όταν τα κουνούπια πλησιάσουν το φώς, ένα αθόρυβο, ισχυρό ανεμιστηράκι τα απορροφά αποτελεσματικά σε δοχείο στο κάτω μέρος της συσκευής, όπου και πεθαίνουν.

Το δοχείο αυτό, είναι εύκολα αποσπώμενο για καθαρισμό. Η συσκευή είναι μη τοξική, χωρίς ακτινοβολία, χωρίς οσμές, χωρίς κίνδυνο υψηλής τάσης, χωρίς χημικά.

Είναι ιδανικό για έγκυες γυναίκες, κατοικίδια ζώα, παιδιά, ηλικιωμένους.

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  1. LED lamp can release 360-400nm ultraviolet light to lure mosquitoes.
  2. The suction of the built-in fan sucks the mosquitoes into the trap.
  3. Using flame-retardant ABS casing, resistant to UVA radiation, anti-aging, good gloss.
  4. High efficiency with low energy consumption. No insecticide or chemicals needed.
  5. The bottom take detachable mosquito trap basket, easy to clean up mosquito corpses.
  6. It is safe to use in the home, office and others.
  7. Please keep the product working more than 12 hours at the first time, don't open the storage plate during the working hour, make sure the mosquito is dried and dead (Please don't open the storage box frequently)
  8. Turn on the mosquito killer 3 hours before you go to sleep. Make sure the doors and windows closed.
  9. Place the mosquito killer at least 0.8 metres above the ground for catch results.
  10. Turn off other light sources and make sure no one enter the room to lure away the mosquitoes. The optimal status is in the dark.
  11. Prevent strong wind from blowing straightly to the trap.
  12. Please don't stare at the light of the mosquito killer for long time or get close to it, as the light may hurt your eyes or your skin.
  13. Keep out of children and don't put fingers into fan.
  14. Due to mosquitoes prefer bloodsucking, we suggest you use it in a closed environment without people present to get a better performance.


Rated Voltage: DC5V

Rated Power: 5W

Package Contents:

1 x LED Electronic Mosquito Killer

1 x USB cable

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