Robotime Ice Cream Station DGM06 Κύπρος
  • Robotime Ice Cream Station DGM06 Κύπρος
  • Robotime Ice Cream Station DGM06 Κύπρος
  • Robotime Ice Cream Station DGM06 Κύπρος

The Robotime Mini Dollhouses with LED Light are very fashionable and detailed. Just glue all the parts together and enjoy the pleasure of creating a cute house with lots of accessories. Every Dollhouse has an original design, so everyone will find something of their taste. The Dollhouses are designed and manufactured by Robotime.

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    Ice Cream Station

    Not only the little ones among us are crazy about ice creams. We adults too can enjoy a delicious refreshing ice cream on a hot summer day. Let this beautiful ice cream station take you to those carefree days where you se everything through pink glasses. You can assemble the station all by yourself using the detailed instructions and the supplied tools. There is even a pair of tweezers to make the very small details of the ice cream station.


    - With LED Light (including 2 CR2032, 3V batteries)

    - Includes many accessories

    - Tools, glue, brush and tongs included

    - With step-by-step instructions Product information

    - Product: Robotime Ice Cream Station DGM06

    - Wooden Model Kit

    - Mini Dollhouse with LED Light

    - DIY

    - Material: Wood, Metal, Fabric, Paper

    - Product dimensions: L 21 x W 13.5 x H 15 cm

    - Brand: Robotime


    Data sheet

    21 X 15 X 13,5
    Wood, Metal, Fabric, Paper

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